BMW GR Supra A90 OBD non-Ecutek UNLOCK

BMW GR Supra A90 OBD non-Ecutek UNLOCK

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Please contact us via email before ordering.

BMW has come out with a reflash update (7/19) for their newer cars that will prevent OBD programming. 

This service will enable OBD programming.

How it works

This service requires us to plug directly into the ECU/DME for the unlock 

If you are not local you will need to ship us the ECU/DME.


The latest dealer flash gets patched to enable OBD programming.

This unlock is for those using and tuning with Bootmod or MHD and need the DME unlocked.


**Order this if  DME needs to be unlocked and purchased a ProEcu Ecutek package which has license included in the package**


*** Please email us to obtain the location to ship your DME's ***

*** Any Ecu manufactured date 6/2020 and newer this product is not for the newer Dme manufactured after that date***