BMW GR Supra A90 OBD Ecutek UNLOCK

BMW GR Supra A90 OBD Ecutek UNLOCK

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This unlock is for Ecutek tuning only.


BMW has come out with a reflash update (7/19) for their newer cars that will prevent OBD programming.  

This service will enable OBD programming with Ecutek software.

How it works

This service requires us to plug directly into the ECU/DME for the unlock 

If you are not local you will need to ship us the ECU/DME.


The latest dealer flash gets patched to enable OBD programming.

A EcuTek Programming License is put on the ECU/DME at the time of the UNLOCK.


We can NOT use a license that was sold to you by another tuner.


*** Please email us to obtain the location to ship your DME's ***