Correct 2nd generation B58 spark plugs

NGK is a renowned brand in the automotive industry, famous for producing high-quality spark plugs that deliver exceptional performance and reliability. When it comes to the BMW 2nd generation B58 (and S58) engine, NGK offers two spark plug options: #95248 SILZKGR8C8S and #96206 SILZKGR8E8S. While these two spark plugs might seem different at first glance, they are actually the same, with #96206 superseding the older designated part number #95248. (BMW OEM part # for both respectively is #96206 - 12125A4EF60 superseding #95248 - 12122455258).

These two NGK spark plugs part numbers are exactly the same in terms of their specifications and design. Both are iridium spark plugs with a 14mm thread size, 26.5mm reach, and a 0.6mm fine wire electrode. The only difference between the two is the part number and that #96206 has supersedes the older designated part number #95248.

It's essential to use the correct spark plug for your engine to ensure optimal performance and longevity. The NGK #96206 SILZKGR8E8S is the correct spark plug for 2nd generation B58 engines, while the wrong spark plug to use is 1st generation B58 spark plug NGK #94201. This spark plug is not designed for the 2nd generation B58 engine and can cause issues such as misfire on idle and poor combustibility when wide open throttle, and sub-par performance compared to the correct NGK #96206 spark plug. You can leave the spark plug gap at the oem .028 gap.

The NGK #96206 SILZKGR8E8S spark plug is designed to work with BMW's advanced ignition system and features a laser-welded, platinum-tipped center electrode and a tapered cut ground electrode. Using the correct spark plug will not only ensure optimal engine performance but can also prevent costly damage to your engine in the long run.


 If you want your tuner to be happy, put in the correct spark plugs. In simple terms, NGK #96206 is oem replacement and well suited for making 800whp+ & if on a big top mount turbo setup the 1 step colder plugs would be ideal to use. Do not use NGK #94201 in the 2nd gen B58 platform.