E-Tuning process explained


E-tuning is the process of tuning a car over the internet.


  • Requirements 
  • I do not tune catless cars
  • 4 week time limit. Timer starts on the purchase date.
  • Do not purchase the tune if you are still buying parts or still waiting on shipping information
  • Do not purchase the tune if you are going on deployment in a week
  • Do not purchase the tune if you do not have a safe place to do wide open throttle pulls or have a dyno to rent / use
  • Do not purchase the tune if you do not have email
  • Do not purchase the tune if you do not have a computer to transfer maps and logs to/from the car's computer. (Ecutek or Bm3 you can datalog and flash tune maps into the vehicle from the phone app).
  • It is your (The customer/Client) responsibility to send me datalogs gathered safely from either on the street or from the Dyno. 
  • Renting a dyno for remote tuning is the sole responsibility of the customer.



Basic Process


  • Order tune 5 days before you plan to install your parts, this ensures you already have a map for your mods before they are even installed. 
  • I will email you my base map and instructions (Domestics will be with hptuners I will require an oem read of the ecm / tcm / fpcm first).
  • Download the map to your laptop and flash map file to the vehicle
  • Perform the requested datalogs & email the datalogs to me.
  • I will analyze the datalogs, make changes/revisions to the mapping and I will email you back new revision. 
  • This process is repeated 5-10 times (sometimes more, sometimes less).  





Purchase E-Tune


  • Store: Kagan Tuning – Kaganader Tuning 
  • My suggestion is to purchase the toon 5 days before you plan on installing the parts.
  • The goal is to have the map in your possession the day you start installing parts within 5 days. 95% of the time maps are sent in less than 24 hours.  4% of the time life happens and things come up and it takes 3 days for me to send a map. 1% of the time it takes me 5 days to send a map. So if you order on Friday night, Saturday or Sunday then you will have the map by Monday latest Wednesday. So do NOT install your parts, then buy the toon and expect to have your map 5 seconds later. This does NOT mean your car needs to be stock to start the process. If you already have a map for mods that are on your car, you do NOT need to remove them. The point of getting MY map before installing NEW parts is so that you are not stuck with a car you can't drive until you get a map from me. I am simply asking that you plan accordingly so you don't end up with a car you can't drive.



Map transfer & flashing


  • Download the respective tuning software for your vehicle Hptuner's ~ Ecutek Software ~ standalone software ~ Bootmod3 software ETC from there Website & install the program. Follow there instructional how to guides to use them.
  • Plug Hptuners ~ Ecutek, BM3, ETC ~ standalone cable into computer
  • Open Software
  • Click Updates (or allow auto update to perform), then click Check for Firmware Updates and install updates (each software has its own specifics to be done)
  • Download the oem map from the vehicle (Hptuners) (With Ecutek phone app, send the car info to Kagan Tuning, the tuner) (Bootmod3 send a tune request via the BM3 app to Kagan Tuning with a detailed list of all modifications) and send it to my email (DO NOT RENAME FILE)
  • Select map file that is emailed back (Not applicable for Ecutek Phoneflash and Bootmod3)
  • Plug laptop to the car with cable and flash map
  • Select the logging parameters listed in the instruction sheet (or sent to you)
  • Do the instructed logging (For most car platforms, it is: 1st log would be idle for 5 minutes, if idle is fine and no revisions are needed - 2nd log is usually a 5 minute cruising log. Once dialed in and no more revisions needed for cruising next up is a single 3rd gear log 3000rpms to redline). Do not send me twenty-four thousand datalogs when I only ask for 1-2 specific datalogs. Once a single datalog is sent do not send additional datalogs unless it is asked for.
  • Rename the logs to cruiselog01 and WOT3rd01 (Filename changing not applicable/needed for Ecutek & Bootmod3, leave the datalog file name as it is in those apps)
  • Email me the logs over to Sales@kaganadertuning.com (with ecutek upload it to ecutek cloud with there Ecu Connect phone app) (Bootmod3 it is auto sent via BM3 cloud server)
  • This process is repeated 5-10 times


For remote logging in and tuning, please download AnyDesk and provide your login address to me so that I can remote in.



M-F: 10am - 5pm

Sat & Sun: Day off

This is not a concrete schedule, just when I am typically answering emails. Sometimes it's earlier, sometimes later. If you need special hours, just ask. I can be flexible and stay up late if I know I will be receiving logs back. 


Online Schedule calendar 

Schedule Appointment – Kaganader Tuning

As mentioned, if you need special hours past the usual for remote e tuning, just ask.

If scheduling a remote tuning session, do not be late to your appointment, be ready to tune at the time of your appointment as there are most likely others scheduled for the day.