Getting ready for your dyno appointment is both extremely important and extremely valuable. I hope this guide gives you an idea of what you need to prepare before your dyno appointment.  

  This guide is not meant to intimidate. Any car that can successfully drive full throttle down the road will not have a problem on our dyno. Problems usually only occur on new builds that have not yet been tested – as the dyno is the first test, naturally any issues show up.  


 The Basics:


   ​-  Ensure AFTERMARKET front and rear diffusers/splitters are removed from the car so we are able to strap the car to the dyno.  If we have to remove them there will be a $100-$200 charge to do so. ​

 -  Ensure the vehicle has the same type of fuel you will be running, and that the vehicle has a full tank. If you're doing a dual fuel or flex fuel tune, then come in with the pump gas near 1/4 to empty. Bring with you the Ethanol or race fuel you will be using for the dual map or flex fuel tune.

-  Ensure all fluids are at the correct level (engine oil, coolant, gear lubricants) 

-  Ensure there are NO fluid leaks of any kind. This especially includes exhaust leaks.

-  Ensure the coolant is entirely bled and radiator fans are working.

-  Ensure the drivetrain is in good condition, including wheel bearings, suspension and related components.

-  If any sensors are faulty or not working, repair or replace them prior to your appointment.  


For Forced Induction Vehicles:


-  If possible perform a boost leak test and fix all leaks prior to your appointment. Boost control tuning and in some cases fuel tuning will NOT be accurate if performed with a boost leak. No one thinks they have a boost leak, everyone always does.  If a smoke test is necessary, there will be a $100 charge. 

-  Ensure fuel pressure is set, locked and recorded. Fuel pressure should be referenced with the engine off, fuel pump running continuously, and again at idle. 

-  All vacuum and boost hoses must be zip-tied or secured at their ends. Any hoses that are suspect to chafing or wear should be re-routed or replaced prior to the appointment. 

-  Ensure boost control and wastegate correctly plumbed. If in doubt, ASK! 

-  Ensure turbo, oil lines and exhaust components are tight and properly fastened. 

-  Ensure your ignition and fuel system can support the amount of boost you're planning to run. If ignition is suspect carry spare parts: spark plugs, coils, spark plug wires. This will help diagnose any issues.  ​Remember, we are here to help.  

Please ensure the vehicle is 100% complete and ready before your appointment. Bringing a rushed vehicle will be a waste of your time and money, and I can almost guarantee a second appointment will be required. These vehicles also do not help our reputation, as some customers have a funny way of blaming others when things go wrong. So for that reason I will not tune your car unless I am reasonably confident it will be problem free. Sometimes even cars that seem problem free have gremlins and problems that pop up which cannot be avoided.

 It is the customers responsibility to make sure and have the car mechanically sound and 100% ready for the scheduled dyno appointment