Bootmod3 BM3 BMW B58 (Includes Toyota Supra A90)
E50 + DP
93 Oct + DP

Bootmod3 BM3 BMW B58 (Includes Toyota Supra A90)

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BMW B58 Kagan Custom Tuning (INCLUDES Toyota MK5 Supra A90/J29 B58):

  • Stock Fuel System, Port Injection or Upgraded HPFP

  • Full E85 (Stock Fuel System/Stock Turbo or Fuel System Upgrade/Aftermarket Turbo)

  • Pump Gasoline - 91 Oct, 93 Oct, E30, E50

  • Race Fuel (ex. 100oct, MS109, C85, X85, Etc)

  • Stock Turbo or Aftermarket Turbo

  • Requires BM3 (Bootmod3) 

  • Includes all revisions needed for your current setup/fuel, and support for 1 year following the purchase date (excluding all turbo upgrades, fueling system changes and/or any other modification that will requires a re-tune).

  • OFF ROAD / RACING COMPETITION USE ONLY - some or all of these parts and/or tuning may not comply with Federal, State, Province, and/or Local laws, ordinances, and regulations. You (The “Customer”) take responsibility to ensure that any modifications or upgrades that you have done to your vehicle conform to all applicable laws and regulations for road use, especially pertaining to safety and emissions.

Power Figures based on 93oct and Ethanol mixture for B58 

      STOCK 360 380 15PSI
      STG1 93 430 500 21PSI
      STG1 E50 485 570 23PSI
      STG2 93 450 540 22PSI
      STG2 E50 510 620 24PSI

      When ordering please put your EMAIL that you will be using with your BM3 account for the tune request. If no email is provided or you are using multiple emails, there is no way for me to confirm a tune request to the order #. This not only slows down the process but takes time to track down order X to BM3 tune request Y.


      NOTE: By purchasing this custom tune, you agree to our Conditions / Vehicle Compliance Waiver.

      This is a digital file. Therefore there can be no refunds or warranty claims per our Return Policy.  By purchasing the e-tune you acknowledge this fact and agree with our Terms and Conditions / Vehicle Compliance Waiver. E-tunes must be paid in full and scheduled before any service is provided