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Dodge Tune

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C6z06 with F1a on E85 Flex Fuel

Kagan Tuning Domestic Tuning package Includes 

  • 100% dialed in Calibration Files 


Custom Tune -


  • Removes Speed Limiter
  • Raises RPM Limit
  • Adjusts Fueling
  • Adjusts Ignition Timing
  • Adjusts Intake Variable Cam Timing
  • Adjust Boost Control
  • Adjust Torque Management dialed in for 100% efficiency
  • Adjust VE and Calculated Torque  

**additional tuning at a later date will be regular tuning fee**

**vehicle must be lightly modded** 


Warranty & Refunds

This is a digital file. Therefore there can be no refunds or warranty claims.  By purchasing the e-tune you acknowledge this fact. E-tunes must be paid in full and scheduled before any service is provided


Does not included dyno time and any software fees/credits, ecu unlock, they are additional.